Thirst: 2600 Miles to Home

My first book Thirst: 2600 Miles to Home (chronicling my 2013 Pacific Crest Trail record)
was published by the non-profit publisher Mountaineers Books

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In 2013 I was battling depression.
The life I’d built had crumbled.
I was injured and couldn’t run or hike, the only things that were keeping me alive.
I knew that I was on the cusp of transformation. But it was going to require me to do something unimaginable, and given my current state, stupid.
Yet I could not back away from the deep instinctual urge to answer a call…
A call to return to the mountains of the Pacific Crest: To accept their challenge to give up my notion of what I was capable of and immerse myself completely in their lessons.
In the process, I discovered myself for the first time…

Praise for Thirst: 2600 Miles to Home

Foreword Reviews

“She was wedded to the mountains, fully alive only in wild places, and this was enough. Beautiful and deftly written and intimate and searing in its honesty, Anish’s is a quest to conquer the trail and her own inner darkness.”

Shelf Awareness

“Filled with ruminative self-reflection, soaring natural descriptions and delightful accounts of the gracious, life-sustaining “trail magic” of hiking culture, Thirst is a testament to human endurance, inspiring to hikers and non-hikers alike.”

Boldly Went

“Reading her account of the experience in hindsight, it comes off not as the crowning achievement of a notable athletic career, but as the superhero origin story of a remarkable adventurer… . There’s something particularly timely about this aspect of the story – an unpretentious woman, setting out without fanfare and accomplishing something that most people would have said was impossible – crushing a longstanding athletic record set by Scott Williamson, a man, and a thru-hiking legend who’d spent years chiseling away at the FKT. While others have now hiked the PCT faster with the aid of support crew, Anish’s pure thru-hiker style speed record has still never been matched.”

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